Monday, June 30, 2008

Updated Xslthl

The latest version of Xslthl has some issues:

  1. no xalan connector, only saxon6
  2. discards nested XML tags
  3. false positives in matching obstruct other matchers

Issue #2 kind of annoying when you are using it with DocBook. It prevents you from from using the <co /> tags at the place you want them. You will have to fall back to areaspec's which are a pain to create.

Issue #3 is also annoying because when you use a keyword matcher you can not use a regex matcher that matches on non-identifier and identifier tokens.

So I addressed these issue (issue #3 is not completely resolved, there are some constructions that are still not possible). The result is an updated xslthl release. I've submitted the patches back to the xslthlproject, but considering the project didn't see any activity in the last 2 years it might not be included very soon.