Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Readonly UnrealWiki mirror

BeyondUnreal has been offline for a couple of days now. And because the UnrealWiki is hosted on the same machine so is that site. It kinda sucks, because now nobody can get any information from that site, unless they have a copy of the offline unrealwiki. I've created a UnrealWiki mirror using the offline copy. It's not perfect but at least you can still view all documents. The offline copy isn't great to use as a mirror because the case of the characters in the page names have been lost and subpages don't exist on-disk. So a direct link back to the original wiki page isn't possible (unless when you use the link at the bottom). It would be nicer if there was some way of distributing the unrealwiki over multiple servers, but I guess the wiki engine must be designed for that or else you would get annoying edit conflicts.