Sunday, August 14, 2005

LbaWin - Little Big Adventure

I'm a big LBA fan, have been since I first got the game (june 1995). I completed the game so many times I've lost count. After a certain point it's no longer fun to play the game because you know every little thing in the game. So I stopped with that. After a while one of the team members that made the game poped up with a windows port of the game (LbaWin). Since he was doing it by himself he could use some beta testers. I decided to help him out (just like quite some others) and started to play the game again, but this time to find bugs. I did that for quite some time. But before the development of LbaWin came to a stop I already got sidetracked from playing the game. So it has been quite some time since the last beta release of LbaWin. And for some reason I wanted to play LBA once more. Installed the game and started playing, only took me a few hours to complete the game once more (in all it's glory). I still know exactly what to do. The game just looks so small when you know what to do and where to go. But the fact remains that it actually is still quite a large game if you compare it to the time needed to complete other games. I mean, the first time I played LBA it took me quite some hours to finish it. I've played other games that I completed the first time in just a couple of hours. Ofcourse you could strech the game, but that might just make it boring. LBA is still a awesome game, I just want something new to explore. (note: stil have to replay LBA2, haven't done that in some time now)

Coming back to the point of something new, LBA has quite some places that could be expanded (made larger). And there are quite some places where more world could be placed between some scenes. It would be great if these things could be expanded. And maybe even add some side quests.

Some people in the LBA community continued work I started years ago and already made some tools to view and even edit the scenes in the game. Additional tools to compile story code and stuff like that are also being worked on.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Readonly UnrealWiki mirror

BeyondUnreal has been offline for a couple of days now. And because the UnrealWiki is hosted on the same machine so is that site. It kinda sucks, because now nobody can get any information from that site, unless they have a copy of the offline unrealwiki. I've created a UnrealWiki mirror using the offline copy. It's not perfect but at least you can still view all documents. The offline copy isn't great to use as a mirror because the case of the characters in the page names have been lost and subpages don't exist on-disk. So a direct link back to the original wiki page isn't possible (unless when you use the link at the bottom). It would be nicer if there was some way of distributing the unrealwiki over multiple servers, but I guess the wiki engine must be designed for that or else you would get annoying edit conflicts.