Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Extracting legacy release notes on sourceforge.net

Recently sourceforge.net changed their File Release System (FRS). One of the changes affected now release notes are attached to files. With the old system you would simply enter the release notes in the submission form. With the new system you are supposed to upload a release note file and associate it with the file you want. This new system has various advantages.

The release notes of the file releases that were made before the FRS change are still present in the database, and still linked to from the files. This will probably remain active for a very long time. And according to the staff you can safely rename and move the files and still have the proper release note association. (It is probably linked through the md5 and sha1 hash of the file.)

But, it doesn't give a nice consistent picture when modern releases have a txt file next to them, and the old releases have a "release note" page. So, that's why I created this PHP script. It will parse a specific "files" page from the sourceforge project site and dump all "legacy" release notes to a text file. The files are places the same directory structure as the files are.

You can use this script at your own leisure, I'm not going to provide support for it. So use it at your own risk.