Saturday, September 17, 2005

UnrealWiki Developer Journal 17-09-2005

It has been a while since my last dev journal entry (again). First a little update about my last entry. I'm no longer actively working on a VisualStudio AddIn. The features I wanted to add required me to write a VisualStudio Package instead of just an AddIn. Writing a package isn't as simple as writing an AddIn. I hit an issue while implementing the basic framework that I haven't been able to resolve (devstudio gives me an error when I want to load a few things here and there). So that project has been put on ice.

As for other projects, a while ago I continued some development of LibHTTP and got a bit annoyed on my testing class. So I decided to make a testing framework based on unit testing. That's how UsUnit came to life. Because I wanted to include the source file and line where a check failed I had to write an UnrealScript PreProcessor, and I also wanted a few other features that a precompile could accomplish. And that's why I created UCPP. Well, UCPP had some releases, and it quite mature and finished right now. So I've gone back to working on UsUnit some more. I've already made one release so far. But this was mostly to put out the first binary package for people to play with. You could consider it a beta release for now. I want to complete just a few more things for the next release, it can be summed up into: finish the webadmin module.

Also, today barnEbiss contacted me if I was interested in helping him with a weapon mod. His idea is quite interesting. He wants to create a weapon that allows you to create a line of gasoline and set that one fire (the fire ofcourse will hurt people). It's quite an interesting weapon to create, with some interesting implementation issues to solve. So I will also be working on that project.

Well I guess that's all I have to say about that for now.