Thursday, September 22, 2005


There you've got it. The second more mature release of the UnrealScript Unit Testing Framework. A few minor changes to the real framework. More important is a working WebAdmin module.

So far UsUnit contains some graceful code, some somehwta hacky code and some scary code. For the webadmin module I tried to create a better PlayInfo to HTML converter that the one that was already present. Actualy, the existing one couldn't be use in arbitrary places. My converter current supports just check and text types, but also arrays. My initial idea was to auto detect arrays, but because of a bug in PlayInfo's validation code for TEXT render types this can't be used. Instead you will have to use a CUSTOM render type which will figure out of it was suppost to be rendered by the TEXT type. For the TEXT type I also made a special case of numeric values. If the extra data contains range information it will be used to show a specialised text filed with a plus and min button and it will respond to certain key events (up, down, home, end, pgup and pgdown) to modify the value.

An other tricky issue I had to solve was to add some logic to cope with possible invalid test classes. The test class configuration uses strings. It might happen that a single entry isn't a valid name for a class. But during configuration I don't want to remove those entries, or change them at all. Therefor I added a displacement array that keeps track of the array index differences between the two arrays.

More information about UsUnit.