Saturday, September 11, 2004

Ok, finished the new download section for the UnrealAdmin page. It's a rather gloryfied directory listing. With a couple of nice touches.
It will automatically include the README file, if it exists, in the directory listing. This is useful for directory descriptions.
Also if the file has an MD5 file (filename.md5) it will be added below the filename on the listing.
Additionally, when there's a text file attached to a other filename it will show a like [toggle info]. This link will open/close the text file inline with the entry in the directory listing. This feature can be used to display the readme file per file. Very usefull for patches.

To protect the download page from being abused by other site, deep linking directly to the files so it will look like they host the file, I've added checks on the referer. If a browser doesn't send a referer, or adds bogus data, a cookie will be used to check if the user saw the notice that hosted the site. Ofcourse this check will only be done on full featured clients like Mozilla, Opera and MSIE. Clients like lynx, links or wget will directly download the file. So when server admins can simply download the file directly to their server from a shell.
I don't really like this protection, but it's needed because there are quite some assholes out there.

Future additions to the download page will be at least:

  • search feature
  • stats? (or maybe just Webalizer Output)
Also we could use some mirrors (hosts that mimick hour directory structure and files so we could link to them directly). I haven't thought out yet how I'm going to add the links to the directory listing, but I'll figure that out by the time we have a mirror.
I was also think about giving Epic and Ryan Gordon an account on the machine to upload beta patches directly for an instant mirror. The last beta patch for linux failed completely because Ryan's "0day" server was overloaded.