Thursday, September 09, 2004

UnrealWiki Dev Journal 09-09-2004

I've been rather busy with school the last two weeks. So I haven't done much.

Unreal Kart: nothing much has been done, I need to "re-activate" the team, they have been slacking. In the meanwhile I've been experimenting with bot AI and path finding (to understand it better). This experimentation will result in a new gametype: Deluder

Deluder: this new gametype is a tribute to the Developers of Incredible Power. It's a rather nice gametype from an old FPS game (you might now it). This gametype might be the first step on converting more of that old game. Right now I use it for experimentation for Unreal Kart to better understand bot AI and path finding. The most important part of this gametype is a roaving token that runs away from the players, so it has a somewhat reversed hunting AI. It's rather interesting, usually you want pawns to go somewhere, but in this case I want to pawn not to go somewhere. Right now the pawn tries to move away as much as possible. However, quite often it runs past the current players, and I don't want that to happen. So, in one of the test levels (Albatros) it get's stuck on AIMarker8, the AI script of that marker doesn't do anything usefull, and the pawn doesn't just jump off the ledge for some reason, so I have to figure out what it should do there.

UnCodeX: haven't done anything since the HTML Hints for the the application. Soon I hope to implement PascalScript in the documentation generation. But my motivation for this project isn't that high, for some reason it's not really recognised, maybe I just expect too much of it. UnDox received a shit load of attention, but UnCodeX is pretty much not present, or maybe I just don't see it. However, I did receive an email from Bruce Shankle a long time ago, he was quite impressed with it. I really wonder how many people use UnCodeX.

LibHTTP: I'm working on a new version of LibHTTP, version 3. This version won't be completely backwards compatible, even tho it has the same base code. This version will ofcourse contain a couple of bug fixes (actually, just one at the moment, and it was only a bug for the UT2003 build). Some of the new features will include: easier usage via get(), post() or head() functions. Also a faster download mode when download speed is ciritcal, this will try to download more data each tick (ofcourse with setable thresholds). I'm also going to implement a document cache, and maybe some some binary options. Anyway, if you have any feature requests, let me know.