Friday, September 24, 2004

UnrealWiki Dev Journal 24-09-2004

LibHTTP 3 is getting pretty solid. I've added a test class to perform various requests. I already found a few minor bugs using that test class, bugs that have been in there for quite some time.
The build is currently 133KiB, I'm not going to strip source from the package because of the simple reason that you can no longer use the package during compile time, only run-time. Stripping the source would reduce the package to 54KiB.
I've been thinking about creating a better source stripper. It doesn't strip the complete source, only the function and state body. The result would be that the TextBuffer (that usually contains the source code) only contains the declarations. This should be enough to use the package for compiling, and have a minimal size. I would add a comment to the top of the TextBuffer explaining that the code was removed to reduce size and stuff. However, creating such a tool isn't every easy. You can't simply replace the TextBuffer with a new one, you will have to update all the offsets in the file. Note that this tool is not for code protection, because you can still decompile the package. It's just to reduce the size.